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So I get back from a trip and two of my tanks in the basement have babies.

My 40b (with massive amounts of moss) recently housed 3 new yellow rainbow fish I picked up from my LFS (not box store). I've breed rainbows before and these looked of the right size/age, so in this tank, I was hopeful. This evening, I think there's something around 20 babies.

Now my 20 tall has a handful of fish in it as well. This was a surprise, for there has not been any fish in this tank for a few weeks. I did have 6 pandas in there, but they've not been in there for three weeks. They're the likely candidates. (Or else I got some hitchhiker eggs from a shrimp purchase). Anyway, this tank is a Mystery.

I'll try to snap a few pictures. Off to the store to buy some one liter bottles to build new brine shrimp hatcheries.


No pictures. I managed to get brine shrimp started. I had apparently used up my last set of unsalted brine shrimp. Thankfully, I had one premixed batch of eggs that expires 4/16. Hopefully enough will grow out.

By pandas, I'm referring to panda corydoras.

I need to set an initial set of pictures, but tomorrow.
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