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I just signed up because i am having a lot of trouble sorting through all the different information on the internet about lighting and watts per gallon rules. This will be my first planted tank but my fourth or fifth freshwater tank.
So i would like to keep the cost of lighting under $100 if possible

Tank specs:
I would like to have a heavily planted low tech tank (with no co2 injections i can use ferts, i have some flourish excel and api co2 booster)
Im planning to eventually have a 90% stocking level according to aqadvisor
I want angels so my temp will be on the higher side
I have a sunsun HW 304B canister filter (525 g/h)
I am using miracle grow organic potting soil with pieces of red clay and with a eco-complete/caribsea super naturals gravel cap.
I have a 4 foot florescent fixture that came with the aquarium that fits t-12 lamps. Rather than buying an all new fixture i was hoping to buy about four clip on cfl lamps to use in addition to the regular light.
The fixture looks like it has a max of 600 watts and each additional lamp would have 13 cfl watts.
Im not sure if there is a difference between a cfl watt and a regular watt? please help me...

Do you think this setup would work with my tank goals? Will I be able to grow plants? am i gonna have to get co2 to grow pearlweed?
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