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Columnaris Treatment?

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I recently had an epidemic of columanris (it's gone now, thank god!) and I was wondering if anyone has a good, reliable treatment for it? The only reason the epidemic stopped in my tank was the green algae water caused by a grow light that was severely draining the oxygen from the water (which is quite hard on the fish)

On another note, I am never buying fish from Petsmart again! (or at the very least, I'm going to set up a quarantine tank)
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I have heard that API Furan-2 and API Triple Sulfa can work.
For treatment with living fish, it's best to use Kanamycin (Seachem Kanaplex). You can also combine Nitrofurazone (API Furan 2) for more effectiveness.

But if all living things are dead in the tank, it's cheaper and better to just sterilize what you can with bleach and let everything dry out.
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I stopped it with salt with some tetras I got that had it. They were in q/t though.
High level salinity (salt) has been known to kill Columnaris. If there are no fish, you could try dosing a bunch as an alternative to bleaching. I'd personally still bleach though just to be on the safe side.
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