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Hey there

Now that I've moved and got the tank settled in, it is bare and empty. Except for rocks and a piece of acrylic root (wood seems to melt in 6 months in my super soft / acidic water). And a school of rummynose, of which there had been only one casualty during the move, which I am rather pleased about.

So. Time to start plotting out the plants. It is a low-tech 40g breeder tank, and currently low light, though I plan to get a 39W T5 fixture. My substrate is .25 to 1.5 inches deep, varying in places. It's not super deep, so I would prefer no plants that are heavy root feeders.

So, with these things in mind ...

-- Soft acidic water
-- Shallow substrate, so needing column feeders
-- Sturdy and not temperamental plants preferred

What sorts of column feeding (or other) plants would you suggest? Go wild :)
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