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Coloured Nano Plants

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Hi, I'm in the process of setting up my 15 gallon (tank journal coming when the growth is looking less embarrassing).

I'm looking for suggestions for Nano coloured purple plants and and nano coloured Yellow/Orange plants.

I am dosing EI with high C02 & with highish lights. So hopefully that won't be a limiting factor.

At the moment I have R Green/ Pogostemon erectus/Alternanthera Reinickii Mini
Trying to make a DHG (belem) carpet. And looking to add L Senegalisis.

But want a splash of purple + orange.

I'll post a pic of my current setup soon.
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Sadly a lot of the R Green has melted since this.
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Try Hygrophila sp. Araguaia if you want a reddish purple foreground to midground bush. Rotala indica aka Ammannia sp. Bonsai has orange growth tips and Ludwigia arcuata can be trimmed into an orange bush.

You need to use the
tags around your link.

Sadly a lot of the R Green has melted since this.

Hmm why didn't my IMGUR link work?
try pasting the ".jpg" at the end like I did above

Have you thought about Red Ludwigia? Not really orange/yellow But the underside of the leafs is an amazing purple that I love in my nano
Yeah I saw the .jpg thing after checking another post, thanks!

Hmm I was trying to shy away from another Red in my tank, already have the Reinickii and wanted R Senegalisis. I was hoping for a yellow in the middle between the R Greens when and *if* I can get them to bush nicely.

Purple wise was looking for something maybe a little short and squat. Not really the L Repens you suggested. PS great tank- Mine is also for my Betta (similar colouring and fins too!)
For an orange plant, I've had luck with myriophyllum tuberculatum. I have injected CO2, but I'm terrible with dosing and it's still orange :).
L. Grandulosa has nice purple color but it does need a tall tank. Same issue with L. Cuba for yellow/orange.

Check out Nesaea Golden and Limnophila Aromatica.

I do like your scape, great wood.

Has anyone considered Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini'?

15G is pretty good size - not sure if it's a nano. Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' would work nicely at about 4-6" tall.
Yeah 15 G is on the cusp really. I have AR Mini on the left! Thanks
OVT, thanks! And never seen Nesea Golden before, great suggestion. :icon_smil
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