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Aloha TPT members.

Finally had some time to trim.:)

Shipping will start at $7 USPS Priority. Please mind your weather, will not be responsible for DOA or USPS mishaps/delay. Hold for pickup is also available.

Shipping days for the week; Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.

Hygrophilia sp. 'Pinnatifida' - 2 XL stems - $6
Rotala sp. 'Indica' (TRUE) / Ammania sp. Bonsai - 2 Stems - $4
Blyxa Japonica - 3 plants - $4
Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' - Mother Portion - $15 (4+ plants when split up)
Bucephalandra sp. 'Pink Centiepde' - $35 per plant or $60 for 2.
*beautiful pink colored new growth with incredible veining running down the leaf. Red stem with oval leaves. On the top of my list for favorite buces*
Side Note: I have been growing this species of buce for over a year. Will not need to wait for plant to adapt to submerge form as like other importers sell.
Anubias sp. 'Petite' - $4 per 6-8+ leave portion. More you purchase, more freebies I add :hihi:.
Eleocharis 'Belem'/Japan Hairgrass - Sample Portion - $2 (Side shoots/Runners. Enough to get you started if you wanna try this foreground out)

Hygro Pinn


Blyxa Jap


Buce. 'Pink Centipede'

Anubias Petite

E. Belem/Japan Hairgrass

Feel free to message me for any questions!


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