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Colorful, Small, Peaceful Fish?

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My 34 gallon tank is going to be a hilly scape covered purely in dwarf baby tears, with some short bunched and rosetted plants in the back around the driftwood...

I had a bunch of colorful, active fish picked out for the tank when I thought I was doing a jungle-style aquascape... But that changed so now I want colorful, peaceful fish suggestions.

I really want killifish, is that a possibility or are they really active? I also wanted albino neons but I feel like they'd stand out too much.

I may start with a school of 6 cardinal tetras. I don't know where to go from there... I hate plecos and I'd rather have something that is swimmy. I just don't know what. Idears? :icon_cry:
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endlers, can go only males if ya don't want babies
Try pencilfish, maybe. All-male endlers would also work great, as would all-male guppies. You could also try glowlight tetras?
Maybe a badis badis, rummy nose, cherry barbs, golden white clouds, cpd's, oto's.
My endlers dart all over my tank all the time, they are very active, what about a few neons or shrimp only?
Elassoma and Leptolucania Ommata (a tiny, 1" NA killifish) would easily work for that tank.
Elassoma and Leptolucania Ommata (a tiny, 1" NA killifish) would easily work for that tank.
Those look great, where could I buy those online?
Sach systems aquaculture and zimmerman's fish have them intermittently. By the way, Elassoma are very similar to Scarlet badis in care - no heater needed, but they need live or frozen food. Leptolucania will take tiny dry products as well as live or frozen food, and also do not need heaters unless you intend to spawn them (temps of about 74 are needed to get them to spawn).
I'll probably get a school of 6-8 red tetras, like ember tetras.

I also may get killifish, either one two different pairs. One pair of Nothobronchius and one pair of Aphyosemion -- not any specific species, just whatever there is on AquaBid at the time I want to order them.

I want to look into getting two discus for the tank, I know it is kinda small, but it's so borderline that I'll probably get opinions from experts.

Maybe some dwarf corydoras to stay on the bottom of the tank so that it isn't awkwardly empty near the bottom.

Lastly, I may see if I can find the perfect livebearer for the tank. I may try out-crossing my albino delta red lace guppies to get albino red lace guppies with tiny tails, but IDK how to even start with that... Might just go with some nice swordtails or chilli endlers, idk.
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