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This is an RAOK, or trade if there is something I have not tried before lol.

Pogostemon erectus-
I have one bunch of the Erectus (around 5-6 stems ranging from 3"-6" in length) this plant is a medium speed grower, and produces very deep roots. It LOVES trimming, and will produce side shoots up and down the stem after an initial trimming. I started with a few stems about three months ago, and now have it spread into four bushes in two aquariums lol.

Pogostemon stellatus 'Broad Leaf'
I have been growing this plant in medium,high light. It has an olive green color at this light level, with red in the very top portion of the plant. It rarely produces side shoots, but will produce 5 min. side shoots in the node just below trimmed area. It grows fast, but takes a few weeks after trimming and planting to start growing. higher light = more red. the lower leaves on this plant may have a lite amount of BBA, and can be h2o2 dipped to rid it.

I am looking for
Crypt. Parva
Cyperus helferi
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Microsorum pteropus

Thanks! I hope to be able to find someone this week, anyone that has plants on my "want list" will get first priority for the trimmings.

Thanks guys and gals!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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