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COlorado Aquarium Society's In-Person Meeting 08/06/2021

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CAS In-Person General Meeting
This Friday (08/06/2021) @ 7:00PM
Monthly Meeting:
Bethany Lutheran Church
4500 E. Hampden Ave. Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

The Church is requesting that all people wear masks inside the building. Enter via the North entrance on Hampden Ave, the South entrance will be locked.
Program Speaker:
Lili Hwang - She is a previous board member of the CAS and international traveler, Lily has been keeping fish for approximately 10 years. She has kept many species from the normal beginner's fish to cichlids to tiny livebearers to invertebrates and even amphibians. She is currently studying linguistics and biology at Minerva University and is working on a large-scale conservation project for freshwater fish. This presentation aims to explore the relationship between fish and people outside of the hobby and in various scientific fields that prove that fish are critically important. All the more reason to breed fish in captivity!
Mini Auction:
Bring your excess fish, plants, equipment. Remember, only 5 items per person at the mini-auction. All mini-auction sellers are to sign up and register items in advance using For those who are not tech-savvy, there will be help before the meeting so show up early. We are here to support you!
Our Bowl Show Categories:

1. Large Neotropical Cichlids from North, Central, and South America not listed in any other category whose adult size is over 4 inches. (Oscars, Convicts, Jack Dempseys, Festivums, Discus, Severums, Uarus, Cichlosoma, Crenicara, Geophagus, most Aequindens.) Shown in pairs except for the very large fish.

2. Goldfish and Koi Shown individually

3. Marine Fish Species that are exclusively marine.

4. Open Class - Any Aquarium Animal may be entered.
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