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i should be getting a new (to me) tank/hood/light/filter in the next week or so, and thought it would behoove me to colonize the filter media beforehand, since the person selling me the tank may or may not be giving me some guppy/molly crossbreeds soon after.
so, today, i rinsed off this crappy corner filter i had, and a replacement sponge for my sponge filter with distilled water, ripped up the sponge and crammed it in the corner filter instead of the single-use cartridges that came with it. i plugged it into an air pump, and now it's bubbling away in my established tank.

so, my question is, how long do i have to leave it running in the tank i have now to be sure the media is colonized with BB? and when i switch it to the new tank,if there's no livestock yet, how should i feed the bacteria,if at all, to prevent it from dying off?

thanks in advance,
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