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Coldwater Kings fresh 40 breeder

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Hey all just thought I would start a new tank journal after being requested and my other one was horrible. The pictures will be coming later today. The plants;

Amazon sword (shocker)
Java fern (I had to travel to the jungles of petco to get this)
Corkscrew Val

Most of my substrate is sand but I put little pots of dirt under the amazon swords.


A goldfish that will soon have a Friend


Marineland 200 biowheel
Fluval M150 heater that I love
Current USA satellite LED (not the plus version)

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Just picked up some Rotala and plopped it in the dirt. Grabbed a Lilly and onion plant bulbs and the onion plant bulb is growing like crazy with 3 leaves in a span of 4 days :). Got another filter running which is the aquatop cf-300. My new ranchu is getting along with my black moor, I was worried about this as the moor was getting picked on before. I'll try as I said before to get pictures up but my tank has been a real mess lately because I am rescaping the whole tank.

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Wow has the tank changed, now updating the thread after 3 months the tank has changed a lot. I ended up beating my really bad 6 type algae problem by dropping the water level and letting it run its course, now I am taking anything with algae out of the tank and either dumping it or letting it sit in hot water. I have not put in any plants but I did take the anarchis out because it was COVERED in BBA and Hair algae. I am going to let the Vals stay in a chain so I can use them as a background in the back of the tank.

The pics:


(There is a airstone in the side of the tank because my moor goldfish was sinking yesterday, he is good now thanks to some peas but I am going to keep the stone in there for a few days to raise the oxygen levels.) Sorry for the bad quality pictures it the best I could do without a tripod.
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