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cold weather and shipping

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I am starting a new 15 gallon nano.

I am in upstate NY and there arent many places around here that have live plants for sale, additionally, it is freezing up here already and I don't wan't to drop alot on plants only to have them dead and frozen on arrival.

Has anyone dealt with any online suppliers that pack their plants well for winter shipment?
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Sweet aquatics. But the best will prob be a hobbyist here in the SnS.
I have had bad luck with some online dealers. I wish we could give reviews.....
check out the swap 'n' shop on here, they're are a lot of people that know how to / will ship in cold weather, and it'll probably cost your a lot less $ anyway, so if it doesn't go perfectly, it's less of a problem.

For what it's worth, I had plants AND fish shipped to me when I was living outside of Albany in the winter though, and everything was just fine. :proud:
thanks guys

ill try the forum swap first
Still, if you're getting the package shipped to you and it sits outside for 6 hours while you're at work... you're asking for trouble.

Even without a heatpack the plants will be fine as long as you get them shipped to an office/job/home where someone will be there.

I've shipped out about 12 packages all across the country with no issues within the past week and a half or so.
I use a "dog heat pad" on my porch for packages to sit on when dropped off. I am thinking of making it in an insulated box this weekend.

Similar to this:
My main problem is as Gordon says. I work a 9-5 and I am never home when the mail comes in. I am wondering if it is worth while to get a PO Box so that at least when they are delivered they will be indoors.
Just get the PO to hold your packages.
New !
Hold for pickup at your Post Office.....

"In addition, the USPS will extend its Hold For Pickup service option to include Priority Mail and First-Class Mail commercial parcels in the new year; the service is currently available for Express Mail only. Available at no extra charge for customers using shipping labels from Click-N-Ship or other USPS-approved vendor, packages with the Hold For Pickup endorsement are shipped directly to a Post Office instead of being left at a recipient's address. Packages are then held at the Post Office until picked up anytime during office hours, at a time convenient for the recipient."
A couple of suggestions. When you make a deal for plants, discuss the weather. The shipper may not know your part of the country.

The other suggestion is find, join, and support local or reasonably local fish club(s). Odds are very good that you aren't the only enthusiast in your area. Meet, greet, share, swap.
Good luck.
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