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Cold Cathode Lighting?

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I was wondering if anyone has used this kind of lighting?

I got a couple of these, white and blue. I am planning on using the white ones on non-planted tank and for my Discus breeding tanks. The blue one make great night lighting.
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I've only used them for night lighting. They aren't anywhere near intense enough to use on a planted tank as the sole source of light.

I think they are perfect...just set it up right. For a night light they rock.
Just set some up

my camera isnt that great, looks darker than it does in person. These are the blue ones. I installed two in my 45H tank.

This helped me out alot
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Thanks for the responces and the link to that artical.

I'm running a pair og 4" blue tubes for night lighting, one each on a planted 5.5 gallon tank. I'm using a 12v-500ma power adapter and that seem to work out nicely but when I user that same power addapter on a pair on 12" tubes the addapter got warmer that I would like.

I have one of those power use meeters that plus in between the wall outlet and the item you want to test. I'll document some of my findings and post it.
I tested a set-up.

2 - 12" light tubes.

House voltage = 125 @ 60 Hz
The unit tested out at:
14 watts with both tube lit
9 watts with one tube lit
4 watts with the power supply alone
.12 amps with both tubs lit

So by the eq: Voltage * Amprage = wattage
The power brick that I have that is getting too warm sould only be at about 1/3 of its max. But I guess sustained output at that level is too much for its heat dissapation. Two other power bricks ( 800ma, 1000ma) are doing fine.
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I use old ATX pc power supplies. Just short the proper wires on the atx connector, and viola!
I use old ATX pc power supplies. Just short the proper wires on the atx connector, and viola!
This sounds like a good option, I've got plenty of power supplies handy.

Can you give details on how to do this?
I think you can turn on a power supply by jumping pins 7 and 8.


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Yep Its the green, to the black, any black will do however. Another use im looking at is powering some 12v pumps for dosing :)
Just curious about these computer power supplies... are you loading down any other of the outputs? Switching supplies usually have a minimum load or they will be damaged. Or can the other outputs burn up and the one you need keep working fine?
Ive been using old computer psus (or ones that dont have proper voltages on their rails) to power 12v, and 5v equipment for many many years, and only hook up what I need to power. There are some atx dummy loads you can purchase for testing psus.
I'm running 4 12" tubes on a custom 15g cube I made out of plexi. I'm putting together a planted 45g and I was considering moving my cathodes to the 45g.

Does anyone know what the light range of cathode lights are? would 4 tubes work on a planted tank?
CCFL's (cold cathode fluorescent lights) are very similar to any other fluorescent light. An arc through the tube produces UV which strickes a phosphor coating. The type of phosphors determine the light output. Just like fluorescents, it could really be anything. Youd have to get the info from the manufacturer probably.

I might be completely wrong but CCFL's are often used in backlights for things like laptops and other lcd screens, so most white ones might be massed prduced for this, which should be around 5500k-6500k. But like I said thats just a guess (if its white that is).
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