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coffee filter in canister

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i was using some coffee filters to clean some leads on my printer then i wondered if they'd work for a filter floss type material or would it block the flow too much? has anyone tried it?
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It would clog within a couple hours I would imagine, and decrease the flow a lot.

Pad idea. Go with a swiffer dry cloth instead. I swear by them for water polishing out particulates.

For even finer filtration, get a micron pad.
Haven't tried it, but think it would quickly disintegrate leaving a mess in the canister and end up all over the media. Personally I don't use any floss in my canisters...leaving that for the Hob's. Way easier to get at on a weekly/bi-weekly basis to swap out rather than breaking onto the canister all the tyme. Find it prolongs the life of the seals and impellers.
oh well just a thought i guess i'll just buy a bag of filter floss.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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