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Cobalt Crust Fungus

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Hello forum.

I rather recently got into terrariums as a hobby, but it's sort of exploded into the nascent formations of a career, I think. I might be taking it a bit too far, and spending a bit too much of my paycheck on moss and jars. But no matter! I am passionate, I don't mind poverty for a few (hundred) jars of primitive plants and lichen. My question however, is about any one of your experience with fungus in your terrarium. I'm not talking mold from over-humid conditions, but actual fungus, like the sort pictured below, a lavender variation of Cobalt Crust Fungus which I found growing on a fallen ash branch in my yard. I so want to be able to put it into one of my terrariums, because I love the colour, but I don't want it to overtake my beautiful mosses or lichens, especially since this particular fungus seems to feed off the lichens already present on the branch.

Does anybody have any experience with this species of fungus, or other saprophytic fungi like it, or any fungus at all other than mold?