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December 6th at 1PM

Alabama Native Fish
with Tom Ganley
Tom has been keeping fish approximately 28 years and is especially interested in natives (sunfish, killies, shiners), South and Central American cichlids and Bichirs.

He has been involved in numerous aspects of the hobby including custom tank stand design and construction, building garden ponds, writing articles, aquarium and fish photography.
Tom has collected plants and fish in Belize, Costa Rica, Cancun - Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Panama and Uruguay as well as over much of the eastern United States.

Tom's photographs and/or articles have appeared in Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Aquarium Fish Magazine, American Currents Magazine, Cichlasoma Power as well as numerous other regional and local club publications.
We are very fortunate to have Tom fly in to talk to us, don't miss this meeting!
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