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What would be the best way to get co2 in a 120.I will be useing pressurized system.Do they make a diffuser for that big of a tank.
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Do you want to use a diffuser, with the resulting micro-bubbles in your water column, or a reactor that will fully dissolve the CO2 before it enters the aquarium?
The micro bubbles would be fine.This is what I am thinking(it may be wrong).I was going to place the diffuser in my sump close to my return pump,this would suck in and create more bubbles and blow the micro bubbles all around the tank.
A needle wheel pump would probably work well for that size tank also. There's a pretty long thread regarding them I've linked below for you.
Assuming you have one or more canister filters filtering your tank, external inline reactors could be a good option as well.
Another option is if you have one big canister, you can create another closed loop on the other side to power your external reactor and maybe an inline heater with the use of a pump.
I have a extra mag5 laying around,just need to order a needle wheel.This so differant than saltwater.
...inline reactor
I have a calcium reactor body and mag 5 that might be modified to work.The body is approximatly 20'' tall and 4'' in diameter and has a needle valve going out the top to adjust the drip.Are you familier with a mr2 calcium reactor.
I have never used a needle wheel, reactor, or inline diffuser before. I have use a typical glass one and it's starting to bug me. I am not home a lot so I don't have as much time to clean as I should. If you get an algae outbreak, your diffuser is going to be the first thing to get covered and become far less effective. I wouldn't recommend them in general, especially for a tank that large.
I have read where alot of people are haveing problems with those,they seem to clog up.I have used co2 injection in saltwater,I will just need to know how much to use.
^^drop checker
What is a drop checker and how do you use it.Sorry for being such newbie.
What is a drop checker and how do you use it.Sorry for being such newbie.
Please take a look at my pressurized CO2 guide that I have written here:

In particular, post seven discusses what a drop checker is, how it works, and what you will require for it to work properly.
I didn't even think about this,I have the ph controller and probe I could use.If I use the ph probe would I really need the drop checker.

but it is a very useful tool to help get the co2 dialed in.
Thanks,I will be putting water and substrate in Monday.What would be a good starting point on bph. I am converting my old calcium reactor to a co2 reactor.
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