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Did I do this right?
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If that stream of bubbles is the CO2, you are wasting it. Most of it never dissolves into the water. If that stream of bubbles is air, you are wasting CO2, because the air stream causes the CO2 dissolved in the water to leave the tank quickly. You also don't seem to have a solenoid valve with timer to turn on and off the CO2 at the same times every day, with the same bubble rate each time. This makes it impossible to keep the same concentration of CO2 in the water during the photoperiod every day. That encourages BBA to start growing.

Your plants seem to be set out in bunches - a bad idea. The bunches need to be separated and each stem planted separately.

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O2 and CO2 are separate things in the tank. You need both...

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Airstones disperse the CO2. If you have water movement that breaks the surface, or an air stone running with CO2 it will cause the CO2 to dissipate from the water. To have the same level of dissolved CO2 with an air stone running you have to turn the CO2 up. That kind of defeats the purpose. Usually some rolling ripples across the surface provide enough oxygen. If not, try running the air stone when the C02 is off. Get your setup right and your plants will pearl and provide oxygen. (plants pearl because the water is totally saturated with oxygen)
It's like opening the window with the air conditioner on.
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