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CO2 tubing?

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So besides the "aquatek co2 proof" tubing on amazon, are there any other air tubing that wont disintegrate with a CO2 system? Are there certain materials that are co2 resistant, or clear that would also work?
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Not yet. I'm considering the aquatek mini co2 regulator or the aquatic life mini (leaning toward the aquatic life due to its compactness and the solenoid). Is there one that you would recommend besides the aquatic life?
I am running (3) AquaticLife regulators and (1) Aquatek mini on my four CO2 injected tanks. Both brands have solenoids and both appear very similar in size & configuration. I have had no problems to date (AquaticLife operating for 18 mo; Aquatek about 3 mo) with either brand. The Aquatek is $50-$60 cheaper and comes with a check valve/bubble counter. Since they both seem to be about the same, my next CO2 tank will probably be controlled by a Aquatek unit. Hope that helps with your decision. :bounce:
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