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Co2 to No Co2

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I have a community shrimp tank that has c02. I would like to move my yellow Neos to a low tech with no CO2. I filled the low tech with the water from the original and it has cycled for several weeks with a snail in it and by feeding the tank every few days.

I put one shrimp in just from the CO2 to the non co2 and it died instantly. How do I go about this?
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Slow drip them, or aerate the co2 injected tank for maybe 20 minutes before you scoop them out
Did you test the new low tech tank for ammonia & nitrite?

I would use a large % of tapwater rather than all water from the original tank to freshen things up.

Just some ideas... not sure why it would die instantly. Obviously there is a pH difference, but it shouldn't cause instant death.
Do a 100% WC with tap, if that's what you're using, in the low tech tank and treat with Prime. Do you have any snails you can move into the low tech tank, like nerites, ramshorns or mysteries to be an ammonia source? If so, move a few. If not, move a fish or two. Wait a day or two, test for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates to make sure the tank is totally cycled.

Check the pH, GH and KH of the CO2 tank and compare it to the low tech tank. The more different the params are, the longer you'll need to drip acclimate the shrimp. Or try this method from New Shrimp.html

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