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CO2 Setup ???

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So I've got a 29 gallon tank with a Coralife 1x65 watt light as the main lighting and a 27 watt HD light as a supplement, and would like to try out a DIY CO2 rig.

Ok, so I've read all the stuff I can find about setting up a DIY CO2 rig using the 2L bottle and 20 oz bottle for a gas seperator. :)

But I still have a question that I just can't seem to figure out or get the right search terms to find the answers too. :icon_redf

I know with the presurized CO2 units, they turn the regulator to limit the amount of gas being injected into the tank and monitor the bubble count to set it precisely where they want it. But with the DIY setups there doesn't seem to a method of regulation? It seems that with the DIY rigs that once you make the mix, it just blows gas until it expires? So how do I know I'm not going to overdose my tank when the mix hits its prime production?
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Simple answer: you don't know

But it's rather difficult to get high enough CO2 levels that are going to affect your tank. Keep in mind that CO2 in water does not displace O2, so increasing CO2 production isn't directly going to cause issue to your fish.

For a 29gal tank, I would run two 2L bottles, connected by a T-piece, and each one having a check valve. Standard DIY mixtures last 2-3 weeks, with the last week being slower production. By using 2 bottles, you can run each bottle for 2 wks, alternating which one is changed each week. This will give you more consistent CO2 levels, and curb algae growth due to fluctuating CO2 levels. A check valve on each allows a bottle to be removed, without losing pressure across the system.

Unless you had planned on running 6 bottles (you'd want plenty more lighting anyway), I wouldn't be concerned.
The only thing I would add to evercl's comment is that I like Gatorade, or juice bottles. The plastic is a bit thicker, the mouth wider to pour, and the bottoms are wider to avoid tipping.
If you are concerned about ODing on CO2 One thing you can do is a small airpump on a timer to go on opposite your lights.
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