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CO2 safety?

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There are always a few questions about the safety aspects of CO2 in the home, around the kids and such. A friend and I fell into a discussion of the perceived dangers of the gas. Him being a fellow who knows his way around a few bars and pubs, we think we have finally figured out what happens on Saturday night that makes so many feel so bad on Sunday!

It's not the alcohol you've been pouring down but the CO2 gas you've been sniffing every time you take a drink!

Anybody buying this theory or is breathing CO2 not all that dangerous?
Being Sunday morning, there has to be a few who did some testing last night?
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The prevailing theory i heard was alcohol uses water as it metabolizes in your system. As such you wake up dehydrated. Drinking fluids before you black out is recommended. However since dehydration really messes with your elecrolytes too this is only a partial solution.
The co2 gas in your beverage rapidly dissolves into the atmosphere once its no longer under pressure. There really isnt enough to affect your physiology. Your body would respond by breathing more rapidly to restore the 02/co2 balance in your lung. Fun fact, every time you exhale about 40% of the co2 in your lungs is still there. So breathing in more isnt a huge deal.

Edit: being fromthe austin area, i always wondered why they bother with the "p" in pflugerville
No, that isn't the case; it is indeed the alcohol. The amount of co2 one inhales when drinking carbonated beverages is nothing your gas exchange system can't easily handle.

Hangovers are a result of greatly inhibited ADH production - anti diuretic hormone. Once this happens, your body thinks it is over hydrated and expels a lot more water than it should. This results in dehydration, and it further concentrates the toxins produced from alcohol metabolism.
Gosh guys! You must have missed the former discussions of the dangers of breathing CO2. You mean I don't really need to restrict my soda drinking to keep from breathing too much CO2? We were having trouble figuring out that part. He always has a few beers and I have a few soda and they both have CO2 in them so we couldn't quite figure out why he feels so much worse! You mean to tell me sniffing CO2 is not going to hurt me? But it's the alcohol that does it? Who would have ever thought it?

Note: The P is in "P" ville because the old beer brewers spelled their name that way! If it were not for the popularity of beer, there likely would not be a Pflugervile. They thought the creek was ideal for their product.
In Thailand it is normal to order your beer with ice. Not only does it keep it cold in a hot climate but you end up drinking a lot more water and it always seemed to me that I felt better in the mornings because of that, or maybe it was just waking up in Thailand that made me feel better.
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