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Parting away my co2 system and some other stuff.

Co2 System
-Matheson 3800
Dual Stage
3000 psi high(right guard)
100 psi low(left guard)

Post body kit 1B, 0-105PSI, one way. for any output PSI regulator, working pressure is 0-105 psi.
-clippard mouse solenoid, 12V or 24V DC
-SMC AS1200 needle valve
-clippard fittings/adapters
-two terminal connectors, Pink
-CGA320 brass or steel *think i still have the steel one.
dont matter both 320 nut and nipple will come with it.
-Inline Co2 bubble counter mini.
- free glass co2 drop checker(if i can find it)
- free co2 tubing line from lowes *couple feet*
- power adapter to set mouse solenoid on a timer.
- aquatek paintball adapter(option) $5 more if you want it.
- 1x 20oz Co2 paintball tank + 10 0-ring(option) $10 more if you want it.

Asking $100 Shipped without the co2 tank and paintball adapter.
$120 Shipped with co2 tank and paintball adapter.

Sorry about the Image Size.

Canister filter
-Eheim Pro 2 Themo Filter
Come with all tray,in-tank tube, no media, no out-tank tube, no green rubber hose. Pretty much what you see in the image is what come with it.

Filter is missing the ThemoControl Unit

Asking $75 + $10-$15 fedex ground shipping.
PM me your ##### and I will give you a shipping fee.

1 Betta Atison pro fish good 75G unopen
Asking $5 + $3 first class


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