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Co2 refills

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Hey all,
Would you know where I would be able to get my co2 tank refilled in the city. I live in sunnyside queens, so something around there.
Thanks for all your help.
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Ooh there is a post about that today already. Silly me.
Ignore plz!!
Lol... I was just going to say... :)
i need to go get mine refilled today as well, i never get out of work early enough though.
Yeah! I can't ever make it in time. But on the other post there aregood links that have Saturday hours.
You can always leave your tank at the place and have them call you when its done

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Where about in sunnyside are you?
The Celtic park. On 48 ave.
The Celtic park. On 48 ave.
Very Close to me. Best is Prest-O, in & out, cheap but no Saturdays..
Hmmm. What are their hours? And where are they?
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