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co2 reactor help - 5 gal hex

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how? lol
I saw this searching around for one on google:
would that be sufficient for a 5 gal hex?
could I use a smaller bottle like a soda/water bottle?
someone said something about not leaving it on 24/7, and instead to leave it on only while the lights are on, and only every few days?
Any advice?
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Hi Walter,

You might find better advise on this Planted Tank website. :smile:

The instructable basically works. You can use different kind of bottles, as long as they are strong enough to withstand pressure exerted by the CO2 production.

To run this only every couple of days would be worse than running it not at all. Most DIY CO2 setups run 24/7. You need to measure the CO2 level (via pH/KH chart or drop checker) and see how much CO2 the brew introduces. If levels are very high, adding an airstone to run at night could be an option.

The CO2 level depends a lot on how you dissolve the gas. If you just let it bubble to the surface as described in the instructable, a lot will be lost. Using a reactor of some sorts would work much better.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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