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CO2 reactor for 120 gallon

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Attempting to make this short…I currently have a 300 gal 8x2x2 freshwater which use to house my vieja synspilum pair. Female died and my beautiful male died of a broken heart shortly after 😭
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I no longer have the monster fish urge and want to go planted. I currently have a 30 gallon breeder running co2 and dry ferts which has been successful for the last 6 months, so I want to do a 120 display and use the same plumbing, sump and pump that I use for my 300. Essentially I will keep the 8 ft stand, put the 4x2x2 120gal on1 half and put potted house plants on the other half. My question is

1: can I use this old reef gfo reactor as a cerges reactor? I’d get a 20 or 25 lb co2 tank. Should be big enough at 17” x 4” no?
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2: I would run the reactor off my existing manifold from the return pump that has a gate valve to adjust flow, my concern is back flow of water into the co2 line. would a high quality check valve negate that? Thoughts?
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That should work for a cerges. 4" is a good diameter, fatter is better than longer

The gate valve is a plus, back pressure increases the efficiency of any reactor, bigly

Water is gonna back up into the co2 line regardless when co2 goes off. Gotta have a good check valve
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