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co2 questions

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Hello folks,Im new here .Ive got a 58 gal fw planted tank this is whats in it now
H.corymbosa 5
A.crispus 2
E.amazonicus 1
aquarium lily 1
M.pteropus [java fern] 2
Ozelot sword 2
lrg amazon sword 2
Moss balls
This is where Im at now with roughly 60% of my bottom area used,for lighting I have 194 watts for 9hours a day using 6700k compact fluorecant tubes.I fertilize with excel daily and api leaf zone once weekly.the tank has been at this level of planting for 2 weeks,for 10 months prior it was planted about half that.With the exception of BBA everything looks good but I want better.I understand that co2 will help me rid the BBA from the tank,and of course it will help my plants.I am looking for a co2 system that will not break the bank,IOW ,under 200.oo for the whole shebang tank and all.Red sea sells there kit as does HYdor Ive also seen the griggs products [very salty].Im looking for some advice on this,so let me have it folks.
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With that much light over that tank, you really do need to have supplemental CO2.
As far as system, I cant help with a cheap recommendation, But also look into what a paintball system will run you in the long run with re-fills. BTW, skip the yeast, and sugar, you will have to work really hard to get a stable enough CO2 level in a tank that size with that much light.
Under $200 is not a problem if you don't go fancy. You can get basic reliable equipment for that.

First thing to do is shop around your town for a cylinder. See if you can get fills while you wait or you need to swap. If you have to or choose to swap then there is no reason to buy a nice new shiny cylinder.

Then once you have the cylinder and fills firmly in place you will know the amount you can spend on a regulator.
thanks rex,Im looking at getting a5# kegarizer,they are alum. and are half the cost of the steel ones.Do they work,are they the same threads as a steel welding bottle I wonder?
All standard CO2 cylinders in the US and Canada use the same fitting. CGA 320. Note that things like paint ball cylinders are specialized cylinders and use a different fitting.
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