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CO2 question

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The front ride side of my tank will not grow any plants...the whole front tank was planted in December with S Repens and a few Downoi. Move ahead to today and you can see the difference.

Do I need to build a bigger CO2 reactor? I am currently using an AM 1000 with Mag 4.5 pump.

Other plants seem to be doing alright...the E. Bleheri swords have MANY offshoots on them...

Tank parameters

120g (48x24x24)
Filter - Fluval FX6
CO2 - AM1000 closed loop
Lighting - 2 48" BML 13k and 10k planted led
Lighting period - 6 hours
PH - 7.6 before CO2 - 6.6 during CO2
KH - 4 drops
GH - 9 drops - I add 4 teaspoon of Epsom salt every wc
Nitrates - 20-40ppm
Phosphate - 5
Ferts - EI
Macro 30 mil every other day
Micro 30 mil every other day
Water change 3x week
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What's the flow like in that area? What's the substrate? How much substrate?
I have Flourite black sand 1-3".

I get great flow around the front portion of the can see the "stumps" on the right side flow back and forth nicely...what I can't see and tell is if the CO2 is flowing that far.
More likely a lighting issue. CO2 diffuses pretty well once its dissolved in water. Your pH drop indicates you enough ppm CO2 - circulation should not be an issue.

If algae is under control try increasing the photoperiod.
Thanks, Rezco,

I am currently at 6 hours...I do get some cloudiness in the water column from some algae...but not much anywhere else.

How much longer should I light the tank? And...should I get some more S. Repens and plant them?
I doubt its algae if its white cloudiness. Suspended algae makes green water. Are you certain the cloudiness increases with more light - or is it always there?

Looking at the image you posted looks like bacterial cloudiness.
I am not sure as I have never increased my light from the original. 6 hours...should I take it to 6.5 or 7?
I agree your photo period is pretty short I would up it. Almost all downoi you buy grows very slow submerged and is usually grown emeresed by sellers it will die off then grow back.

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Here is an update...

I am 8 days into increasing my lighting period from 6 hours to 7 hours...and it is UNBELIEVABLE the change in the tank...all of the algae that was covering the S. Repens has totally disappeared...and my plants have hugely grown!!!

Thanks for your advise and suggestions!!!

I do have one additional tank is 3 months old...I perform 70% water changes religiously every 3 days...however my water is still very new tank much longer will this continue?

Cloudy water could be caused by debris stirred up by frequent changes. You could cut back on the water changes too. Sometimes it takes a few days for cloudiness to clear. If it persists there are lots of ways to clear it up but none are perfect and have their own 'side-effects' (UV, polishing filters, water treatment additives etc).

If its is not bothering you a lot wait a few weeks and see if reduced water changes have had an effect.

You should also keep an eye on your plants for nutrient deficiencies now that their photosynthetic rate is up. If leaves start yellowing or pinholes form then look into liquid or powder fertilizer.
Great advise...I will cut back now on water changes and also keep watch over any possible nutrient issues.
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