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co2 question

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Hey everyone I am new to this forum. I recently added a pressurized co2 system to my 40 gallon plant tank. I have the co2 system connected to a ph monitor, turns on when above 6.7, turns off when it hits around 6.5. I have a question though, what is someone supposed to do when say their usual ph is already at a low level, say 6.0 for instance. If they are using a ph monitor, the co2 system would never turn on unless they set the system at a ph under 6. If the person does not want to do this, what is the best way to maintain a higher ph? I have heard the crushed coral method, and also adding baking soda. Can anyone tell me what is the best method for reaching a closer to neutral ph balance. Or any products that anyone recommends. Thanks a lot.
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Crush coral....

Well I‘m using some kh booster from Hagen for a while but I really like to go to something say more natural and less expensive. I was thinking at crush coral in my outside filter or marble and see if I can maintain my KH/ph where I want...

Or I can just use my well water to replace evaporating water (actually around 60 ppm carbonate Hardness.

Adding plain “natural” water seem to be the safer free way for me....
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