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CO2 question...

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I run pressurized C02(CO2 lol), anyway, I have a fairly efficient CO2 diffuser I am guessing/GLA inline....anyway, it's set at just below 3bps(pressurized co2). I didn't think with my lighting, that would be too much co2. No matter how much surface agitation I have, the drop checker never turns anything but yellow. Not at night, and not during the day. Should I just turn down the co2 to maybe 2bps or less? I am going to get fish here pretty soon and don't want to kill the little guys. Thanks for any help you can give.
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if it were me, i'd turn it down. from my own experience, it all depends on how effective your diffuser works. how big is this tank, and how densely planted is it. You can just turn it down and after introducing your fish, you could monitor them closely while turning it up slightly.
and im guessing you saw that thread from earlier
I have a 50mm gla in tank diffuser i have a low to medium planted tank with med almost high light at 1 bps im at solid green.
How much plant you have might play a role in it too. If you are at yellow i turn it down instead of wasting co2 trying to cause surface agitation.
If your tank is fauna free at the moment then it is best to turn off the gas completely so the tank doesn't have any CO2 other than from the atmosphere. Then introduce the fish however you like best. Then turn on the gas at a very low level, a 50 gallon tank might start at 1 bps. Then increase the gas a very small amount every couple of days to let the fish get used to the new situation. Whether the drop checker is red, yellow or purple turn off the gas before putting new stock in the tank. Would be prudent to shade the tank or reduce lighting at this point as well.

You may need to change the solution in the the drop checker. Whether it gets old or is diluted I don't know but sometimes it stops working and just stays yellow. You could pull it out of the tank and let sit in the air to see if it turns blue overnight or just dump, clean and replace the fluid.
The tank is a 40 gallon cube(75P). The lights are 2 24 inch T5HO Catalina fixture/no splash guard/4 inches from water surface. I will turn it down. The tank is probably medium planted I would say. I just planted Lileopsis Brasiliensis last week(3 pots worth) so when that grows in, it might be considered fully planted. Besides that, I have narrow leaf java fern, C. Helferi, P. Erectus, Rotala Rotundifolia, Anubias nana.
and yes I saw that thread lol ;)
I will try and find time to take and upload a picture tomorrow. :)
are you running your co2 at night? if so set it on a timer, have it turn off when the lights turn off, run a airstone at night to release any of the co2 since you dont need it running without lights

if you dont have any fish in the tank or living creatures besides plants your ok to run the co2 at that level, but at least a day before you bring anything swimming into the tank, turn it off, provide great surface agitation to the tank to air out the co2, then slowly add it starting at 1bps to make sure the fish get use to it, co2 indicators give you an idea of how much co2 is too much but its your fish that will truly tell you if you have too much, most of my tanks my fish are happy and cruising around while my indicated is at bright yellow
I do run my co2 24/7. I didn't used to. About 2 months ago, I switched to running it all the time, it was on a timer. The reason I switched was because I was getting overrun with BBA. I knew it wasn't because of lack of co2 for sure, so I figured it had to be co2 fluctuation. At night with the co2 off, it would offgas. Anyway, after switching to running it all the time, the BBA growth has been pushed back quite a bit. There is still a lot of it, but not near as much. Most of it is starting to turn more of a brown color and disappear. It's pretty amazing the difference really. No dosing with peroxide or anything else, just running co2 all the time. I will just turn it down and acclimate the new fish very slowly.
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