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CO2 Question - Pierce System

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Hi.. I'm new here and looking for some advice. I'm not too knowledgeable in the planted tank arena but wanted to start a nano sized ADA tank. I've been doing research here and there but not much in the co2 department...

Since my tank is going to be small... I like the ADA advanced co2 system, but I don't want to spend like $250 on one. The larger paintball co2 systems seem sort of appealing, but they can run a lot of money too. And the DIY setups, don't look as nice either... LOL

Have any of you considered or tried the Pierce co2 system? I've seen them on AquaCave(.com) for about 60 bucks.. the cartridge is a 95g vs the ~70g more expensive ADA ones... thoughts and recommendations will be appreciated!

Here's the pierce:
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