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Co2 problems

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first of all I'd like to mention that a lot of the atricles in this forum has been very helpful....THNX!!!
Here's my problem; I'm trying to set up a DIY co2 system for my 10 and 15 gallon tanks. I tried to use some various recipes using the yeast method with no success. Tried 2 cups sugar, 1 tsp yeast (dry type), and luke warm water to fill a 2 liter bottle almost to the top.....also tried more sugar (and less), more yeast(and less)...still no co2 production. I thought I may have bought a bad batch of yeast, so I got another bottle. Any advice??? Is the temp of the water very critical??? what should it be??
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The water should be room temperature or you might kill the yeast. It usually takes 1+ hr so see the production start. Especially since it takes time to build up pressure in the bottle. Dont fill it so much with water or the foam will eventually get pushed into your tank.
If the water is too warm, there is the possibility that you have killed the yeast before it even goes into the bottle.

In addition, I would check for leaks. It is another common problem that is encountered with DIY CO2.
leaking is the most common prblm. Check for it w/ some detergent and sponge, using the bubbles....and also, if u are using glass diffusers it might be more difficult for DIY systems to generate higher pressures.
thnx all for your help. checked for leaks and there were none, but i found out that I was inadvertantly killing the yeast before I even started.... CO2 PRODUCTION HAS STARTED!!!
2 cups of sugar?

I always used 1 cup of sugar.

Bring a pan of water to boil, dissolve the sugar in the water.
Let the water cool, funnel the water into the bottle, add the yeast.
Keep the water level 2-3"s below the top of the bottle, shake the bottle up.

And then plumb it in.
Great success going with this route.
Have had bottles produce bottles for 3+ weeks.
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just one thing, add some baking soda, so the pH of the yest solution does not become too acidic (due to bacterial metabolism) that I can make some of mine producing for up to 30 days!!! also, you can use chef gelatin to make a supersaturated jello that would release sugar little by little, keeping it producing great amounts, but avoiding the bacterias to kill themselfs by overmetabolizing in the begginig...they will start "dissolving" the gelatin(w/lots of sugar) just on the edges of it.
i always put my yeast in a cup of LUKEwarm water, as in like body temperature or cooler, a tsp or so of sugar and give it 10-15 minutes to proof. While doing that, I funnel the sugar, baking soda, and then water into the bottle, put a good cap on it and shake the junk out of it.
I thought I may have bought a bad batch of yeast,

Lalvin EC-1118 wine yeast works better. $1.25 in ebay.
thnx "herns" i'll give it a shot
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