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CO2 Pro Systems

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Has anyone used the CO2 Pro System (
I was considering puchasing this item, due to price, but was wondering how long will a paintball canister last in a 75gallon aquarium? Does anyone know if you can purchase just the paintball regulator instead of the whole kit? Anyother tips on ways to get "cheap" CO2 would also be apreciated.

BTW, is it true that you need to use silicone tubing instead of the typical vinyl or acrylic tubing with CO2 systems?
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I second Orlando's statement.... I just got done making the same decision. I was going the paintball route until I found out that I would be running out to refill my 20oz tank quite a bit... I put a WTB post on craigslist and picked up a 20Ib tank filled with CO2 for $40. I then purchased a regulator from Rex Grigg and my setup is right under $200 total.

You can probably do it even cheaper, even Rex's site shows some other cheaper options, I just didn't want to go around parting things out. I also wanted a tried a true setup and have heard a lot of great stuff about his regulators, as well as a couple of others.
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