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Build by Bettatail

Extra accessories:
CO2 air hose, Laboratory grade, Polyvinyl or Polyurethane, $0.75/ft
JBJ style system mounted bubble counter(build in check valve), $12
ADA style glass inline bubble counter with check valve, $7
Flower shape glass Ceramic diffuser, $10
Super Atomizer diffuser, For 75G tank, $12. For 125G tank, $18

Double stage Concoa 412 regulator:
Concoa 412 double stage regulator, non chromed body, output pressure at 18 psi max, for use with regular ceramic disc diffuser or co2 reactor.
Clippard mouse solenoid, 0.67watt, no "burn out" problem.
Power adapter for the solenoid.
Multiple output ready, add 10-32 type needle valve(SMC AS1200) for up to two more outputs.
Swagelok S series high precision metering valve as main output.
with Bubble counter as in picture.
$225, plus actual shipping ($5-$15)

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