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Co2 Poisoning? RCS

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so i finally set up preassurized Co2 in my RCS 20 gal.

anyways i set my timer up wrong and i realized it when i got up after 7 hours of running 3 bps in the dark.

i noticed one dead RCS. i havent had one die in a long long time.

now all of them also hide below the fuval intake behind everything. i cant even see them.

are they avoiding the co2 diffuser? and why are they hiding all of a sudden they used to be all out and about on everything.

did i make them loop with all the co2?
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your guess is very reasonable. i use a DIY co2 and if i dont turn on the air pump at night, everything in my tank starts gasping for air at the surface. no shrimp yet for me, so i cant describe behaviors.
fix your timer, and watch how different they behave.
timmer is fixed...hopefully they will be out and about like they usually are by tomarrow...

i made sure it turned off tonight when it was supposed too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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