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Ok, explain me why I have never been able to read the KH/PH chart: I have KH 7 and the PH from tap is 7.4. According to the chart, I'd need to lower my PH to just 6.9 to approach 30ppm of co2... Correct?

But the truth is, with my 75gl tank, EI and a big wet/dry filter, I need to lower the PH to 6.1 to see my plants grow enough well with very little algae. Fish are good, and yet the chart would give me a crazy 166ppm co2 concentration!

That cannot be the case, right? Please, note I don't use any PH buffer nor a tap water softener... And my tap water doesn't contain phosphates...

So, what's wrong?
same here. my Kh>7
with CO2 PH drops to <6.6 and reading chart that gives me loads of co2 wich cant be true using diy yeast system
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