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Toss the drop checker, stick with pH and KH(these are the best relative measures).

pH/KH will only either be close to the real value or OVER estimate the real ppm. So you think you have more CO2 ppm than you really do, this is true is certain types of tap water due to the water treatment processes, aquariums with soil, peat, lots of tannins etc.

So use the pH/KH as a target, then SLOWLY adjust by using the pH and dropping it using ONLY CO2 gas by say 0.05 units each 3-4 days and watch carefully the plant's new growth, the fish eating and general behavior.

You do this process over say 1-2 months, you should be able to target the optimal CO2 addition rate for any aquarium. This rate will vary tank to tank.

A drop of a mere 0.4 pH is way too little for the CO2. My KH is roughly the same as yours, my pH's are in the 5.8's.
Your tank might not be degassing much at night, or the soil and wood might be depressing the pH more than my tank etc.
Note, if you lower the pH with peat, say from 7.0 to 6.0, you do not magically get 30 ppm more CO2.
You ONLY get more CO2 by adding more CO2 gas.
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