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Sorry to revisit this topic, just need some advice from an expert or two! It's our first planted tank, 580L, radion LED lighting, CO2 added etc, 70% planted, been running 5-6wks approx.
Here's what we have test-wise:
Tap water pH: 8
Tap water kH: approx 35.8ppm
Tank pH before CO2 comes on: 6.4
Tank pH after CO2 turns off: 6 or likely less (API kit doesn't show lower, need to buy a better one!)
Tank kH: between 17.9 and 35.8ppm
Tank gH: approx 53.7.
Problems are that pH is a bit low to start off with, but there is lots of driftwood and aqua soil (although it has a gravel cap). So when we run the CO2 at a rate that causes good plant growth, pearling etc, the pH is a bit low for our rainbowfish perhaps? The rate of CO2 that causes the drop checker to change to lime green is at least 20bps and the drop checker only changes properly when our fish show slight signs of distress, so we had to dial it back a bit.
Do you think we need to increase kH to slightly increase our pH? Or should we not be too concerned about a pH possibly below 6 for most of the day? Plants are growing very well and no algae so far.
Should the drop checker go back to blue overnight? It's a bit annoying, I'm inclined to just watch the fish and plants and base the CO2 dosage on that!
Any advice very welcome!
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