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This is prob a weird question but I’m still just a hack at this planted tank hobby. Is it a thing to pump too much O2 into the tank that CO2 levels aren’t able to rise sufficient levels?

I don’t have the technical knowledge yet for micro managing my tank, so please keep that in mind if anyone cares to respond.

I am using a Niloc drop checker to monitor CO2 levels, never got it to turn green only very light blue. Doing random ph tests throughout the week my tank holds steady at 6.6 with lowest reading at 6.4 with Api test kit. KH is 0-2, off colored first drop, yellow second drop, Api KH test. Been at about 1 bubble per second maybe slightly less CO2 bubble counter.

Using an Eheim Air 400 pump on lowest setting with the included air stone/bubbler. I located that in the filter pump compartment in the back of my Fluval Flex 15G aquarium. It makes tons of bubbles.

I have sponges covering the 2 spouts to slow down the flow in the tank as I have a betta. The water moves throughout the tank fairly well by my observation of bubbles and debris moving around.

Tank is still young (Though used water and media from established tanks) at about 2 months and I am So guilty Of buying new plants and sticking them in open spots!!

Current parameters & stocking
Fluval Flex 15G
Lots of plants doing good But could be better, little bit of algae growing
1 betta, 5 Otos (had 6 1 died last night:frown2:) & 2 really small ghost shrimp (loving the hair algae)
PH- 6.6
KH- 0-2
GH- 8
NO3- 5 ppm
Temp- 79 F

Lighting- included fluval led lamp. Lights on 530am - 11am & 4pm-9pm. Start lights just red until 6am then turn on white light lowest setting then gradually ramp up white light over 30 minutes. I keep it at about 50% to hopefully hold off too much algae. Sort of reverse that in the evening except moonlight then red light last 60-90 minutes. No clue to as to what these light levels are.

CO2- on 5am-12pm & 330pm-6pm

Fertilizer- i am very conservative with fertilizer as I’ve had unexpected results. Over life of this 2 month old tank maybe 4 pumps of Aquarium Co Op easy green. I did add 2 root tabs 2-3 weeks ago that killed some plants. I now realize I should not have used those yet as I am using plant soil (controsoil & UP Aqua Sand).

Plants- all listed as Novice/easy to grow. Few different Stems, red dwarf lily, dwarf sagittaria, lots of annubias nana petite, dwarf hair grass

Phew, i need a nap ��

Bump: Latest pic


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Upon further googling i finally found a few videos explaining CO2 & O2 levels and their relationship to each other within the aquarium. So i’m starting with the first, most obvious solution to slightly increase CO2 going in. I will start with a slightly higher bubble rate then after a few days I will lengthen the time CO2 is pumped in before lights on.

My next question then do you guys recommend any test kits or testing methods to determine O2 levels? I have the drop checker for CO2 and can use the ph/kh chart to determine CO2 levels.

My second next question concerns fertilization. I’ll continue using the easy green for now since I have a lot of it. Will 1ml (one pump) per week be sufficient in a 15 gallon? I know dose should be determined by amount of plants, light and CO2, but just as a base with which to start.

Also, forgot to mention in original post I am making RO water and using seachem equilibrium to add GH.

Thanking you
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