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CO2 Needle Valve

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Hello everyone, have a CO2 setup (paintball) on my Aquarium and my biggest problem is that the needle valves are too sensitive and I already broke a diffuser :iamwithst . I want one that I can turn it on and not have to worry about it exploding in my face. I use a bubble count of 1bps because it is only a 5.5 gallon tank. Pleas if you know any brands and where I can buy one. thanks
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The fabco nv55 is a tank of a valve and easy to use. Buy direct from fabco air. You will need to get hose barbs or push quick fittings to attach to the hose. they have 10-32 fittings.
The Fabco NV-55 is a decent needle valve. There are some good metering valves that Swagelok and Parker make as well, and you can sometimes find excellent deals on these metering valves on eBay and/or the Swap and Shop subsection of these forums.

For some more information regarding needle/metering valves, please take a look a the pressurized CO2 article that I have written (it is linked in my signature).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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