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CO2 Needed? and Filtration

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I'm switching my 75g over to a planted tank, I have a 4x54w T5 fixture. I'm wondering if I could get good results without pressurized CO2. I'd like to but I have to many projects going on. Also I know the generally canisters are recommended but I have 2 AC 500's laying around. I've figured out a way to make them quiet using a powerhead. If I kept the water level up would they work.
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It's probably Impossible to use the full potential of the light without injecting CO2.

You can use the AC500s until they can't handle the tank plant debris, bioload.
How much will I be looking at for a basic CO2 setup.
Got the pm, do I need a controller. What are the methods for keeping the ph under control at night.
Plug the solenoid into your light timer. Or you could get a controller, mine wont be in untill thursday.
Ya, but if your injecting co2 all day then quit at night your ph is gonna bounce around. Or do I have some chemistry thing wrong.
Bubble count is very important. I myself use controllers on my tanks and my clients tanks. They are an excelent tool for co2 applications.
pH changes caused by CO2 do not harm fish.

See for more info.
Has anyone had success with Dr Foster and Smiths semi auto system

I would switch out the tubing, but is the rest of it good.
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