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CO2 leaking from cerges reactor red bleed button

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As the title says, I noticed my cerges reactor is losing a tiny but of co2/water if it bubbles/forces it through the red bleeder button located on the top. Is there a way to fix this? I've only had the reactor up for a day and am sure I'll be tweaking it here and there. It's currently hooked up in line with my eheim 2213, which has reduced flow now as a result, but if this doesn't affect things too much I'm fine with it.

I'm used to my tank looking like a carbonated beverage and "pearling" which is probably partly the bubbles just adhering or becoming trapped underneath leaves from the atomizer and powerhead blasting the aquarium. But today with the reactor set up I'm just now towards the end of the day (3 hours left on light cycle) starting to see the plants bleeding, but not yet pearling. Is this normal?

Also, my CO2 drop checker is green which I guess is a good sign that there is CO2 in the tank, while it used to be like yellow with the atomizer...which was probably because of bubbles finding their way up into the drop checker.
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You can fix it. The button should be held in place with a screw at the bottom with a spring around it. Unscrew the button, stretch the spring some, and replace or lube the small o-ring on the button. You can pick up a replacement o-ring and a new spring if you want at any good ace hardware

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