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Co2 leak from regulator pressure release valve.

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I have a victor regulator df5302 that i've used without a problem for the last 2 weeks however 2 days ago, i came home and my 5# tank was empty. Got it refilled put everything back together. Tank pressure is about 900-1000psi and when i went to crank up the working pressure to about 40psi, after about 10-15 seconds, the working psi just shot up to over 100psi and release valve was audibly releasing co2.

What now? new regulator ? or can this one be salvaged ? If so whats a descent dual stage regulator go for and where to buy.

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I think the pressure release valve was broken. But it can be replaced and your regulator can be use again. Call your CO2 refill store nd ask them if they sell pressure valve.
It's the diaphragm. I had the folks below over haul my Victor. I don't know if they do all brands.
I talked to the welding shop and they seem to think that its the diaphragm and it would need to be rebuild/replaced. So i'll take it in and have it done.
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