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CO2 in shrimp tank?

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I have not ever run Co2 in shrimp tank, even my tank do have mosses and only use good light. However, I am thinking can you run CO2 for shrimp tank? What are the rules?
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Some people do some don't. You'll find a lot of opinions on this one.

I've seen it being used to control PH. Personally I don't use it in any of my tanks.
Do a search with the search function in the shrimp section. You will find this exact thread X 20...... Do you wanted a planted tank or a shrimp tank it biols down to IMO. If you want both. Get 2 tanks and do one of each
The answer to your question is: Yes. I do and have been keeping my PRL's in a heavily planted CO2 enriched tank under light approx 80-90 PAR. They have bred and been living for over a year now. However, if you wish to breed shrimp, CO2 seems to slow down their breeding rate ime. I should note however, I run a sump on my 17 gallon tank. So I get really good oxygenation and it seems the shrimp aren't too stressed. If I were to breed my PRL's, id go lower light and no CO2 for sure. But this is after all, Plantedtank. So I wanted my planted aquarium :).
It does slow down not only breeding. But slows down maturation as well.
I have co2 in my RCS tank and they breed a lot, they are the hardiest.
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