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Co2 Help Question / Regulator

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Looking to setup my first co2 system for a 15g...

Is this a good regulator?

If not, what brand/model do you guys recommend that are comparable in prices? (~$120CAD)

The setup also include Solenoid Valve, Needle Valve and Bubble Counter.
Do I need anything else aside from the co2 tank?
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The Milwaukee is decent; some people have had trouble with it, others have had nothing but success with it.

You will also need a check valve, some tubing and some method of getting the CO2 into the water (i.e. diffuser, reactor, etc). Finally, a drop checker would be helpful in visually determining your CO2 levels at a glance.

Personally, I built my own pressurized CO2 setup, getting a regulator, needle valve, solenoid, and bubble counter separately. The prices may be a little more expensive in the end, but I got excellent quality parts (i.e. Victor dual stage regulator, Swagelok metering valve, etc).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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