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So I am running a 55 gallon planted aquaruim with a sump and internal overflow box. I just added CO2 to my system, but am finding the design of my system with the overflow box in the center created split water circulation patterns (see pictures). So the CO2 from the diffuser only circulates on one side of the tank. I considered adding a second diffuser, but I honestly don't like even having the one because it is unsightly. So I am looking for something that can go below the tank, out of sight with my sump.

I looked into the Griggs and the Cerges setups, but don't have the capacity to build one and they don't seem to be available for purchase. There are CO2 reactors, but they are costly and I can't find one that will fit my 3/4" return hose. So I looked into inline CO2 diffusers and again had a hard time finding one that fits the 3/4" return tubing. I found one on Amazon (see pictures), but the reviews aren't great. I found a brand, JBL that looks better, but it does not seem to be available in the U.S. So I got the only one I could find.

So, I wanted to turn to the community to see if I could get any more help or advice. I appreciate any you can give. Thanks.

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