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DO NOT send payment from your phone, because the address will not show up... paypal mobile app sucks.

I am just trying to get rid of it all, so these prices are low...
Shoot me an offer for a list of stuff that you want via private message. Or just give me a list and I will give you a price.

Ideal 52-1-12 metering valve (BEST VALVE for under $150)... $60
Swagelok 21 series metering valve with 1/8 NPT ports (rare)...$40
Bubble counter...$10
perma seal...$4
SMC AS1200 needle valve....$5

Fittings... if there is something here you need I will sell it to you for cheap. But shipping for one small item is going to be $3 anyway. So if someone wants all the fittings shoot me an offer.

shipping is $3 flat for anything unless you are buying a lot of stuff, in which case it might be $4 or 5
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