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CO2 glass diffuser question for DIY setups.

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Hey there, I was wondering if using a glass CO2 diffuser for a ten gallon tank was a possibility. Not sure if these are meant for much larger tanks. Also wanted to know if I could use this for a DIY setup with the sugar. I see some of these glass diffusers at a cheap price on eBay and thought I would like to change from the air stone that I have been using.
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The glass diffusors from eBay that say they are compatible with DIY setups are great. Make sure you have the ability to produce enough pressure in your DIY co2 containers or it won't work.
Hagen mini elite filters are great diffusers for a DIY co2 method. For 10 bucks, you cant go wrong.
Thanks for the contribution, the two you. I will research these options more and decide what would work best.

I see that the Hagen mini filters are on sale at Petco. I luvs me a sale so I am prompted to got hat route at this point. :hihi:
The mini filter would be your best bet, IMO. Great co2 distribution and extra flow. Most of the time ceramic disk diffusers dont work well on DIY setups because the pressure is usually not that high or stable.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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