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co2 flow rate decreases

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I recently set up my own pressurized co2 system. I used the following components:

-Victor HPT500 dual stage regulator
-Swagelok M series metering valve
-Clippard mouse solenoid
-Up aqua inline atomic diffuser
-Fluval bubble counter
-Regular lowes clear tubing/hose

It appears that my co2 flowrate is decreasing over time. Every day it seems to be slower. I've been aiming for about 1 bps but I notice every day that it seems to be less than 1bps. I then adjust the metering valve and the next day it is less than 1bps again. Yesterday I upped it to 1.5 bps and today it seems to be JUST over 1 bps. My regulator low pressure is at about 50 psi. I can see that the diffuser is working and creating co2 mist. What is this a symptom of? Where do I look. Should I check all the seals? Is it the wrong hose?
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Assuming you aren't just running out of CO2 (when was your last refill?), then perhaps there is a blockage between the needle valve and the regulator. If you have a small metal object like a welding tip file or perhaps an unfolded paperclip you could disassemble the needle valve from the regulator and clean it out.

Otherwise I'd guess it was the tank simply running out.

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All of the components are new except the regulator which is next to new. There shouldn't be a blockage as I made sure it was clean before I assembled it. I'm running it at 50 psi because I was under the impression that the atomic diffuser needed 40 and figured 50 wouldn't hurt. It's been running for about three weeks now, 6 hours a day. Perhaps it is the cylinder itself as I borrowed it from a friend to try it out because I was having trouble finding one without a contract attached and they want you to consume it at a much higher rate than I would on my single aquarium. It could be running low. High pressure says about 780
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