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co2, ferts and plants

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not sure what subforum I should put this in.

but I will be upgrading my tank light to a bml either Dutch or 10k.

it is a 55 gallon long. Right now I have t5no dual fixture with 6700k bulbs on it. My co2 is running at about 4-6 bps. And I dose PPS pro 5ml each micro and macro. The plants hold in some red but not much.

but my question is when I switch to either of those lights will I have to adjust my co2 to more or less bps. And would I have to dose more micro and macro?

my goal is to achieve the full potention in color. Growth, and compactness of the foliage. I want reds and purples and oranges and greens and golds to be as bright and pronounced as they can be.
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